Thursday, February 6, 2014

Turquoise Thursday: Act Like A Lady

Is anyone itching for spring. I have been seeing the hashtag #onedayclosertospring popping up lots of places. I don't think all the spring fashions popping up are helping either. Recently, I noticed this beautiful turquoise blazer at Banana Republic. Here is a little confession - I love suit jackets and blazer. I own more than are necessary, however it is sure nice to have them around for that big meeting or fancy night out.

Here's a little tip if you love Banana Republic: Never pay full price for anything. I guarantee that if you just weight a day there will be anywhere from a 20-50% off sale online. I will often try stuff on in the store and then wait and purchase online. 

Now for the jewelry. Thanks to Instagram I have discovered t + j designs and their stuff rocks. They have tons of turquoise and mint colored jewelry this spring. 

This is another one of their mint necklaces from the spring t + j designs spring lines. If you visit the t + J website make sure you sign up for their email list as you will get a 20% off coupon. 

And with images like this on the t + j Designs Facebook page how can you go wrong!

(I did not receive any compensation for this post, I just really like these items!)


  1. i'm more of a "mint" fan than "turquoise" but we're in the same ballpark! and spring needs to hurry up, here in nebraska we've got snow and i'm totally over it!!!

    1. Kelsey, you've got to check out their website. They have lots of mint jewelry. Stay warm over there.

  2. Ah, I know you know what it's like up here -- itching for spring when it's minus thirty and the beginning of February? Yes, 'itching', but at the same time knowing it's a loooong way off.

    I'll head over and check the site out. Hooray for sharing!

  3. Yes, I'm done with winter! Go away! It's time for spring :) Beautiful necklace and blazer, though!


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