Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#FarmVoices - I'm going to play that card and play it hard

There was a man named Norman Borlaug that was a genius and father of the Green Revolution. He is often credited with saving billions of lives through the agricultural techiniques he implemented around the world that increase crop yields and in turn increase food production. Today is a unique day because not only would it be Norman's 100th birthday, but it is also National Ag Day.

I love this video remix of some of Norman's most profound quotes. I think my favorite quote of his is "If I have anything to contribute to this world I'm going to play that card and play it hard." For Norman this meant that he was going to use science, use GMO variations, use technology to ensure more people around the world had access to food and basic necessities.

For my husband and I our card is raising the best Hereford cattle possible. We want superior genetics, cattle that are phenotypically superior and at the end of the day produce a great steak.

"Look what happened to the dinosaur. When he lost his ability to change he became obsolete. Is this the destiny of the human species." - Norman Borlaug

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