Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Wedge Love

Last week, when I in Oklahoma City for the World Largest Youth Expo aka The Oklahoma Youth Expo, I had to do a little shopping. You've probably seen an Instagram picture or two of me wearing heels out in the barn or pasture. Sometimes there is no time to change into more practical shoes before you run out to the barn to feed or to put cows back where they belong. I will tell you it is a lot easier to maneuver the barnyard in wedges than heels! Plus, with a Dominican vacation coming up I'm thinking that a new pair may be in order.

Right now I am leaning towards 2 and 3. There are so many other cute pairs on the TOMS website, you'll have to check them out as well. 

Which wedge is your favorite, and are you more of a wedge sandal or flip flop kind of gal? Also, don't forget to sign up to the Spring Beauty Swap


  1. Sperry Please!

    1. I am thinking if these Sperry wedges are as comfortable as my regular Sperrys I'll be set.

  2. I don't know if you follow but Sheaffer says that the Callisto Tiara Wedge from Nordstrom is the most comfortable wedge she's ever owned....and many others have said the same. They're affordable and Nordstrom has a super great free shipping/free returns policy so there's no risk. :) I just ordered a pair in Putty this week and can't wait for them to arrive! Good luck!
    Darcy @

    1. Darcy, you have just turned me onto the most amazing blog ever! This could be dangerous.


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