Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Beauty Swap

Are you a make-up junkie? Have a draw full of beauty products? Love getting product suggestions from friends? Well here is your opportunity. I am very excited to have Ashley of MessyKennedy help me this month. She is a make-up loving gal just like me and her family also is very involved in agriculture. Our family raises the beef, her’s raises the milk!

So how does a Beauty Swap work? Once you have signed up we’ll pair you with another beauty loving blogger (or someone that enjoys Twitter or Instagram). You’ll have a little bit of time to get to know your new social media friend, and then you’ll send each other a gift of beauty products. Sign up for the Beauty Swap will take place September 24-October 1, 2014. We’ll send out the pairings by October 9. Get to know your partner and then be sure to get your package in the mail by October 16. It is really important to follow these deadlines as we have had a few Beauty Swappers send their packages off and get nothing in return :(

Once you have received your box start testing out your new beauty product. We'll host a link up on October 27. Feel free to link up and read all about everyone else's find. Here are link ups from Beauty Swap I, Beauty Swap II, Beauty Swap III! You don't have to have a blog to participate, but we do ask that you have a social media way to communicate and join in on the fun. Use the hashtag #ccbeautyswap on Twitter or Instagram. Below is a list of a few rules and guidelines. We ask that you try and stick to the rules as closely as possible.

1. Follow the Crystal Cattle and MessyKennedy blogs and Facebook pages.
2. Email your partner within 72 hours of receiving your match. If you haven’t heard from your match after three days are up, let Crystal know and we’ll try and pair you with someone else.
3. Be sure to ask your partner questions about their likes and disklikes, skin tone, preferred colors, etc. or maybe they want to be surprised!
4. Each box should contain a min. of $15 worth of product. Please include one full size item. You may also include samples of products with your one full size item.
5. Items must be new, unless you’ve discussed this with your partner. (Perhaps she loves purple nail polish and you have bottle you know you won’t use anymore.)
6. Packages must be shipped by October 16. If possible it is a good idea to get a tracking number incase something gets lost.
7. Once you receive your package create a post revealing what you received and link up with us on October 27.
8. If you do not follow the rules you may forfeit you right to participate in future Beauty Swaps. Crystal Cattle has the right to refuse participation for any reason.


  1. Yay!! So excited.....I love these and appreciate the time you take out of your already busy schedule to do these!!!

  2. Woo hoo! I loved my first beauty swap - can't wait to participate in a second one. :)

  3. Yay! I've been waiting for another Beauty Swap, I'm so excited!


  4. So excited these are back!

  5. So glad so many of your are signing up!

  6. So excited for this!!! Also super excited that I stumbled on your blog! I have been on the hunt for fellow agriculture blogging ladies!!!!


  7. I've completed my blog post, but I'm not sure how to link up with you. :) http://thegategirl.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/ccbeautyswap/


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