Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Make-Up Update

It's official, fall is here! Even though the weather is still ranging from 70 degree days to chilly "where is my winter coat" mornings Fall is here. I have been itched for tall boots, scarves and vests. I am now only hoping that fall decides to stick around for as long as possible because word on the street is winter in Iowa is supposed to be as long and cold as last year or worse. Thanks for the optimistic outlook Mr. Weatherman.

A few weekends ago the Boy and I went to the Zac Brown concert at Wrigley Field. It was his 30th Birthday treat, and we had a blast. If you ever have the chance to see Zac Brown take the opportunity. Him and his band were fantastic.

A trip to Chicago also meant that I was definitely going to find a way to get to the MAC store. So while the Boy watched his Iowa Hawkeyes play Iowa State I grabbed a cab and headed downtown. And within a half hour this is what I got.

p.s. I bought this faux-leather sweater specifically for our Chicago weekend and I love it. I think I definitely be adding some more leather trimmed or accented pieces to my wardrobe this fall and winter.

Back to the make-up. I decided to go with an eye-shadow quad as one it definitely saves a few dollars, and two I love that when I am traveling I have everything I need in one convenient package.

The make-up artist gave me a great look that can easily be taken from day tonight. This quad eyeshadow is part of a limited edition collection called A Novel Romance.

But what really made my eyes pop was MAC's Fluidline. If you haven't ever used Fluidline I highly recommend it. It has way more staying power than a pencil and I find it much easy to apply than most liquid liners. The color he selected for me was called Dipdown. The blush I already had (MAC's blushes last forever) and is called Melba. 

The beauty item that I wanted to let you in on is RapidLash. I have really been wanting to get eyelash extensions. However, I haven't found anyone in NE Iowa to help make that happen. I've heard a lot about Lattise, but the potential side effect of eyelid skin darkening really makes me nervous, so I started to look for some other options and that is when I found Rapid Lash at Ulta. The reviews were pretty good so I decided to give it a shot, and I think it is working! I've been using it for about three weeks and I have noticed a big difference in the health and length of my lashes. I think my mascara goes on a lot smoother as well. What really sealed the deal was that the MAC make-up artist commented on what great long lashes I had. I don't think anyone as ever told me that! 

What makes you excited for fall? Are adding something fun to your wardrobe or make-up box? 


  1. Love the sweater! I just ordered a tweed puffer vest from Old Navy and can't wait to pair it with boots & jeans. :) I've also picked up a pair of Hue Wide Band leggings and have been wearing the heck out of them with long tunics...the wide band is so flattering and SUPER comfortable.

  2. Darcy, I am definitely gong to have to check out the leggings. I have been looking for new ones. I think I know what vest you are talking about. It is really cute.


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