Saturday, April 25, 2015

A week of Instagram: Blonde Hair, Baby Calves and Great Shoes

I can feel the calm before the storm. Except is isn't really that calm. So maybe I am in the hail storm before the tornado hits? We are breeding cows, the boy is planting corn when the fields are dry enough, lots of work projects going and we are headed to the Kentucky Derby next weekend! Now that part is really exciting. So what else happened this week?
It was time for a hair cut. So three inches came off this week. Also, I got my hair colored! My hair is really blonde, however this winter I noticed it has gotten a little darker. So we put some low lights in it and now it has give me a "jump" on my summer blonde, and I love it!
From this picture you would think we have had a beautiful week on the farm. In reality it has been cold! Like below freezing at night, windy and rainy cold. The tractors have come to a standstill and planting won't start again until it dries up. Our cows are liking the moisture though because that means more grass for them.

We are in a combination of calving and breeding cows. This little guy was born the night before this picture and he was very curious about my Steve Madden wedges. Who says farm girls can't wear heels. Earlier in the day these wedges toured two warehouses full of livestock feed and supplements.

I hope you've had a great week too! If you missed out on the Beauty Swap Link Up make sure you check it out. Lots of reviews on all kind of products, and there is still time to link up if you were a swapper.


  1. Great update of your week! Your hair looks gorgeous and your little calf is darling. Do you know how much women will pay to have their hair the color of that calf? ;) That red was my natural color as a child.

    1. Who knew our calves were so fashionable!

  2. Love your hair cut and so jealous of the Derby trip! Hope you guys have an absolute blast!

    1. We are really excited! We'll share lots of pictures.


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