Thursday, April 30, 2015

Turquoise Thursday: Handbags

I've feel like I've been in malls this spring way more than normal. And while I am still searching for the perfect wedges I have found more than one perfect handbag. However, I have been yet to pull the trigger on making a purchase. When there are this many choices how can you be sure you pick the right one!

Turquoise Thursday: Handbags

(click on any of the bags above to find out where you can purchase)

A couple thoughts about each bag in case you are needing some directions for yourself.

1. I love this Dooney and Burke bag. I actually received a black and brown version of this bag for my birthday last year, and it is the perfect size and very durable - ie. it travels well from the office to wedding to the barn for cattle shows.

2. I have always love Kate Spade, but don't own any pieces. They always have so many fun bright colors and styles. Kate Spade has lots more turquoise handbags to choose from.

3. Quite a few years bag I received this Michael Kors turquoise bag in bag. Again another bag that I love and it did great accompanying me along my "rockin' rural lifestyle."

4. I always adore Brahmin bags. They are simply beautiful! For my wedding I carried a royal blue Brahmin clutch for my "something blue."

5. This is brand called Kate Landry that is REALLY reasonable. So far I have only seen it at Dillards. I have an fun wristlet wallet that I love to use on work trips. I can move it quickly from purse to my laptop.

6. I was really surprised that Cole Hahn had a turquoise handbag and thought this was a fun option.

Now I want to hear from you! Which bag would you pick?  


  1. I like #3 - but they're all great options! I"m curious about the wristlet wallet - I've been needing something like that, so I'll be sure to check out that brand.

    And for wedges - have you tried on the Shady or Sovay wedge by DV by Dolce at Nordstroms? They come in various colors and I hear that they are as comfortable as all get out!

  2. Given the choice, I'd go with the D&B or the KS. I adore the KS pieces I have (and get tons of compliments), but I wonder if it'd be difficult to find something on the bottom of #2 because of how the zipper is structured? #1 looks like the zipper goes quite a bit down the side of the purse making it easier to find lipstick and what-not that gravitates to the bottom.

  3. Um....can I just have one of each? You must check these out...

  4. Too many to pick from! They are all great.


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