Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Squad Life: Most Interesting Woman in the World Sheridan Wimmer

Did you grow up loving the Spice Girls? I sure did. As soon as I found out Sheridan had made the trip to London to see them this year I knew I wanted to ask her all the questions. You see Sheridan appears to be living her best life. She will straight out tell you it is unconventional and not the same thing that other women her age are doing but it works for her. This this episode we'll talk about.

  • Why you have to be brave to jump at opportunities
  • What does the phrase "don't yuck on someone's yum means"
  • Why true friendships matter
  • And how comparison never gets us ahead 

Sheridan's Recommendations:
Beauty Products: Shiseido Foundation
Instagram: Sheridan_W and HavanatheVan

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