Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Why I Left My Job

I have always had a pretty clear sense of direction. When I graduated from college I knew I wanted to work in corporate America. I knew I wanted to climb the ladder. And I did just that. 

But at some point there was a shift. The thing that once brought me so much happiness didn't anymore. It was leaving me feel out of balance. There were too many glass balls in the air and I knew I had to make a chance before they all shattered. 

I haven't ever shared this story publicly before, but this September marks one year of being fully out of corporate America and my four year anniversary of being a part of the social retail company Keep Collective and the Stella and Dot family of brands.

I have been fairly certain that I made the right decision, but it was when I saw my new headshots that I take take this summer I instantly knew. I don't think I have seen a photo of my that has so much joy in it. Everything that I have been doing to strengthen relationships, work on my mental health, the place that I am in my career... it all radiated joy. And that is what life should be about. 

In this episode of Squad Life, I share my five tips for finding success in any career or side gig.

1. Develop a network and lean on them. 
2. Work really hard. 
3. Know that at some point your dream job or life will change, and that is ok. 
4. Be brave. Don't let things drag on. 
5. Seek advice. Fin those that won't sugar coat it. 

If you need a space to come hang out so that you can find inspiration, joy and have a little fun. Be sure to check out Crystal's Squad Insider's. 

You can also listen on here on iTunes or Spotify.

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