Tuesday, August 27, 2019

My 100 Goal Project

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This month I had the opportunity to attend an incredible women's conference and retreat called Camp Climb.

Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss Club led one of the keynote sessions. If you ever see her name listed as a conference or workshop speaker GO. She was fantastic. Search Being Boss in iTunes and you'll find their three podcasts that are perfect for entrepreneurs and goal setters. Spoiler alert: everyone should be a goal setter.

One of the concepts that Kathleen talked about was using goals to build confidence. Her 100 goal list really resonated with me. So last weekend I say down and wrote out my 100 goals.

I'll let you take a listen to this week's Squad Life podcast to hear how such a large number of goals gave me clarity and direction.

If you are looking for other ways to be consistent with your goals check out some of my favorite goal tools.

1. The Start Today Journal: Rachel Hollis map to how she has accomplished every single goal of hers. She has only accomplished a few things, right?!

2. Erin Condren Checklist Petite Journal: EC is known for her journals but what I really love is their quality of their notebooks. Use this link to receive $10 off your first order.

3. MIMI: This is one of the greatest apps out there but sadly it isn't available to everyone. As a Keep Collective or Stella and Dot Stylish you have access to this incredible app. It allows you to input your goals, track it visually, receive prompts on which customers you should follow up with and more. If you are a part of the Stella & Dot Family and Brands and not using MIMI you aren't using it right.

4. Post-it Big Notes: I love to make sure my goals are visible. These giant post it notes are perfect to put on your door, wall or fridge. Make your goals visible to your family too. This will help them buy in, respect the time you are putting and you can celebrate together when you have accomplished the goal.

As you work on your goals I would love for you to share a screenshot on social using the hasthag #thesquadlife or tagging me @crystalcattle. 

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