Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Squad Life: Why You Should Work with a Stylist like Erin Stoll

Have you ever thought about hiring a stylist? Honestly, I haven't. It has always seemed like one of those luxury things. Kind of like a house cleaner being out of the realm of possibilities. Recently though I have had a mindset shift. I think it is more about letting down your guard and asking for help. There is no shame in having someone come over and clean your house one a week or month. In a recent Instagram poll I actually discovered that over half of my friends have someone come help them clean their homes.

So why wouldn't we have someone give us direction on what we should be wearing? I mean I like to think I have pretty good fashion sense but I too often find myself standing in front of a closet full of items thinking to myself "I have nothing to wear".

Erin Stoll is a midwest fashion addict and owner of Style Thief Fashion, a personal wardrobe styling company. Style Thief Fashion was born from her desire to help women find their unique style so that they always feel confident, and know that they are more than enough. If you follow Erin on Instagram you will instantly feel a sense of encouragement and inspiration.

Erin's recommendations:
Squad: @mommyinheels and @WhatKateFinds
Make Up: L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Gloss color Coral Sands
Special Offer: $50 off a Styling with Erin message on Instagram to claim

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