Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Squad Life: How to Get Unlost with Maxie McCoy

I feel like I could have titled this interview with Maxie McCoy it a million things. It could be called Why you need a Girl Gang and who should be in it. It could be called why rituals will help you achieve a goal. It could be called Maxie McCoy: Why I stopped being a sports broadcaster.

This summer while I was at the Keep Collective and Stella and Dot women empower conference I had the opportunity to finally meet Maxie. Her platform is based on her book "You're Not Lost", which I instantly felt in love with on page 3 of the primer because of this....

"You don't need to know where you'll end up in order to begin. Here's what you do need: a deep, deep sense of self-belief."

Oh, and there was this on page five.

"Conventional wisdom taught you that you need to know where you're going in order to begin, but actually, you'll unlock it all by just beginning. You'll start by starting."

In this episode we unpack more concepts from the book. We also talk about why reflection is so information in productivity and achieving goals. Maxie mentions a resource she uses at the end of every year: 25 Questions for Reflection From Last Year.

Maxie's Suggestions

Books: Essentialism and Fire Starter Sessions
Who to Follow: Amy Elisa Jackson In Pursuit podcast 

Make Up: Elta MD SunscreenSupergoop Setting Spray

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