Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Under $50 Women Holiday Gift Guide

This gift guide almost got to be names the under $40 gift guide and then I found those gorgeous mittens. Ladies feel free to print this off or forward it to your man or mama. Men if you are reading this DO NOT buy her another robe and pair of slippers. We have enough. Those don't wear out. So unless they were specifically ask for let's get a little more creative. 
1. Mittens // Warmth is my number one priority and its even better when I can look stylish 
2. Sheets // I think you'll be surprised at where these come from but they reviews are amazing
3. Wire Hoops // The perfect size, right on trend and come in silver, gold and rose gold
4. Coin Necklace // A classic necklace that will never go out of style
5. Ever Lavish Body Butter // The stuff smells amazing, like lemon bars. Grab one for yourself and your friend
6. Lipstick Set // I love these minis and the range of color
7. Ear Buds // These make the list because they are a lookalike but the reviews are five stars
8. PJ Set // All my friends agree this is the only PJ set you need. There is also get a pants version 
9. Jewelry Case // So many pockets and dividers, plus a spot for all your earrings 

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