Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Gift Guide for Hard to Shop for Men

Men are the hardest/worst to shop for. Gift giving is one of my love languages so I rack my brain each year to try and figure out the best gift for Jon. It isn't easy, but I feel like I have a pretty high success rate. Well, except for the 23 and Me DNA test that I bought him that still hasn't been used, lol. Everything on this list he has bought for himself or received as a gift and has loved it. 
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1. Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave 
2. Traeger Grill // Ladies if you can go big get him the Traeger. Once you make bacon on it you will thank me.
3. Shoe Dog 
4. Dollar Shave Club // I have gotten this for both Jon and my father in law. I also use these razors myself now!
5. Meat Thermometer // I don't know how many meat thermometers we go through each year, and I realized this one has made it almost a year. That is a big win in my books.
6. Heated Vest // This is exactly what you think it is and Jon loves it.
7. Smartwool socks 
8. Extra Long Charging Cord 
9. Jack Stack BBQ // This is our favorite Kansas City BBQ. My parents have order BBQ packages for Jon and I before. It is the perfect treat.

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