Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Squad Life: Freezer Meals, Instant Pots and Lindsy Trotter

Have you ever been headed down a path and then needed to make a change? Lindy Trotter loved her career in teaching but as her two daughters began to grow up she realized teaching didn't allow her the flexibility she needed. As she puts it "it is kind of hard to walk your daughter to class on her first day when you are teaching your first day of the new year."

A daughter with food sensitivities lead Lindsy down the path of more home cooking and freezer meals. Soon in addition to providing meals for her family her friends were asking her to cook for them as well. That is when Chilled a freezer meal and menu planning business was born.

I have personally done the Chilled Shipping service and the meals are amazing. The convenience and reduction in stress is even better.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Whether you are a stay at home mom or an entrepreneur both can be isolating
  • You don't need a business plan to have a business
  • It is important to find the people that will push you out of your comfort zone

Lindsy's Suggestions:
IG: @ChilledFreezerMeals
Books: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle a Year of Food, Girl, Wash Your Wash
Beauty: Salis Skincare
Squad: @Just.Ingredients

Discount Code: Use the code Squad Life to receive 10% off your first Chilled Freezer Meal Bundle.

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