Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Squad Life: Hustle vs. Rest with Maria Schopmeyer of The Farm & Co.

Maria Schopmeyer will warm your heart. She is the face and painter behind the rapidly growing sign business The Farm & Co. A business that grew out of getting together as a group of stay at home moms and crafting a few times a week. Today in addition to hand painted signs, The Farm & Co. has a metal works business, storefront and venue on their farm. Plus, Maria has started a genius wedding rental idea. You'll have to check out their website or listen to the podcast to learn more.

Maria is deeply rooted in her faith. She met her husband, Bryce when she was 13 years old, and when he senior year came around she was planning a wedding and gutting the farmhouse that Bryce and her would turn into a home.

In this episode of Squad Life you will learn: 
  • What it is like working with your husband
  • Why it is important to listen to God's calling
  • The reason why rest is so important 

Maria's Favorites
IG: @thefarm_co
Who to Follow: Jennifer Allwood
Beauty Product: Dove Dry Shampoo - I personally like the volume you on

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