Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Squad Life: Unstoppable in Life with Diva Q BBQ Danielle Bennett

I first came across Danielle Bennett on Twitter. She was tweeting about grilling and steak, and I instantly could tell she knew what she was talking about. Her "Canadian girl that now lives south of the border" bio and the bright red lipstick had me thinking. Could Danielle be my long lost sister?

Food has led Danielle down a vibrant path. She is a pit master, best-selling cookbook author, has perfect BBQ competition scores and is sponsored by Traeger grills. If you follow me on Instagram you'll learn my husband LOVES our Traeger, but secretly I might love it just as much. Listening to Danielle share her story you can hear the confidence in her voice. Whether it is diving into learning how to grill the perfect cut of meat or make a cast iron dessert or making a big change in your life or career it can be hard when you don't feel confident. Danielle built her confidence by jumping right in, by asking a million questions and trusting herself to be unstoppable. As Danielle puts it, "you have God on one side, determination and grit on the other."

In this episode you'll learn: 
  • her grilling tips
  • why hands up is better than hands out
  • how to find that unstoppable women in you 

Danielle's Recommendations: 
Thermometer: this is the one our family loves

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