Sunday, May 24, 2020

Memorial Day Sales: Women Athleisure Wear

I feel like my legging/jogger/sweatshirt game has been strong the past few months. However, with warmer weather and golf league starting soon it was time for an update. Now I will say I am the girl that is constantly wearing a sweatshirt. If you see me in a sweatshirt or a long sleeve shirt that really is no indication of the weather. I just love how cozy they are.

I had to pick up a new golf glove, and figured at the same time it was the perfect opportunity to grab some new spring/summer pieces. The sales for Memorial Day (or maybe they just need people to start shopping again) were AWESOME. 

1. Crewneck Sweatshirt - this thing is SO soft | 2. Simple Long Sleeve Shirt | 3. Running Shorts (I love this pattern) | 4. Bike Shorts (I'm jumping into this trend) | 5. Golf Skirt with Ruffle | 6. Simple Golf Skirt This price on both of these skirts are AMAZING price

If you don't own a golf skirt or a skort get one now. They are the most comfortable things ever. You look put together but don't have worry about any accidental exposures ;)

I have decided this summer that I am going to try and stay in the same color palettes so it is easy to mix and match. You know I will throw in a pop of citron every now and then but I am always loved this purpley pink color. 

If I wasn't sticking to our budget I would have definitely picked up a pair of new sneakers. 

1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

#4 are kids but I have smaller feet so I think I could make them work because they are so darn cute.

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