Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Moving Through Change

Change or move on. Short and to the point, but it is quite simply what needs to happen for you to find contentment or joy in a situation. In this season we are all facing a LOT of change. Our world has changed. How we work, where we work, who we surround ourselves with, how we get groceries, it has all changed.

For awhile now Jon and I have had the unofficial mantra of if you aren't changing you are dying. Now that isn't to say change isn't hard. However, it is something that I am around constantly Whether it is change in my life or business, or watching 400 teammates go through change in their personal lives and business I see a lot of change. 

I like to break change down into three stages: letting it go, embrace the state of limbo and focusing on the beginning. 

Take a listen to this week's Squad Life podcast to learn what it is like navigating these three phrases. 

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