Sunday, November 14, 2021

Foodie Gift Guide

I've rounded up a few of Jon and I's favorite kitchen gadgets and things to eat. Whether you love preparing the food or simply want to be the one to consume it these gifts are going to please anyone. 

1. Cookbook Holder // I have one of these in my kitchen and it always gets compliments. They are also super handy when cooking. 

2. Chop Local Meat Bundle // I love supporting this website because it directly supports local farmers and butchers. They have all kinds of amazing products available.

3. Thermometer // I love this thermometer and have bought it multiple times because ours always seem to go missing. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

4. Cast Iron Scrubber // I finally learned that this chain-link scrubber is the key to cleaning your cast iron.

5. Leather Knife Bag // This is what I bought Jon last year and it turned out so good. You can customize it with a logo or name. It is the perfect way to keep his knives organized and they stay sharper not hitting other things in a draw. 

6. Global Knives // Speaking of knives these ones are amazing quality and a great price point. Anthony Bordain recommended these knives in his book and they are the ones Jon has been collecting over the past few years now. 

7. Goldbelly // We love this website for unique gifts for people of any age. Jon had Peg Leg Porker ribs in Nashville and is obsessed with them. I LOVE cookie dough and Do is the best. For my birthday Jon treated me to lump crake cakes and they were incredible. 

8. Spiceology // I grabbed these spices for Jon and my brother in law last year and we love using them.

9. Tumblers // My most recent tumbler purchase and it might be the best because yet. It is a little hard to tell from the picture but these are 20 oz and not huge like the 30 oz. The 30 oz ones are too big for me. These tumblers hold the right amount of liquid and my hand can fit around them. Plus they fit in my car cup holders! 

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