Monday, November 8, 2021

Hard to Shop For Guys Gift Guide

What would you like for Christmas... "nothing." Is there an answer that makes you want to pull out your hair more?! With the assistance of my hard-to-shop-for-husband, I have rounded up some tried and true gift ideas for your father-in-law, husband, brother, boyfriend. If I have items missing from the list make sure you comment below or DM me on Instagram

1. Snack Pack: If you want to watch a guy go wild give him a snack pack. This is the perfect gift for that hard to shop for guy of any age. 

2. Waterproof Speaker: Jon actually got this for me last year. It was perfect for the shower but we also used it on our golf cart a bunch and you can't beat the price. 

3. Heated Vest: This was one of the number one gifts last year so I had to include it again. I have the women's version and love it as well. 

4. Fresh Clean Tees: Another item that my husband won't stop talking about. The quality of these tees is fantastic and they are incredibly soft. A pack works out to $15 a piece which seems inexpensive for as nice as they are. Use code CRYSTAL10 to recieve 10% off.

5. Hiking Shoes: Jon grabbed these hiking shoes to wear around the barn and farm and he gives them two thumbs up. They have a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with more 5,900 ratings. 

6. Leather Knife Case: I gave this to Jon last year and the quality is AMAZING. I bought it through Etsy but it came from Europe so I would order early. They can put any logo on the case. 

7. Barefoot Dreams Blanket // This one makes me laugh. Jon was gifted this blanket last year and it is just as soft as all the influencers say it is. Jon uses it every night and won't let me steal it. It is spendy but he gets great use out of it. This is a good dupe option. 

8. Extra Long Charging Cable // These make the perfect stocking stuffers. I bought these extra-long ones for Jon before his surgery last spring and they have come in so handy. 

9. ChopLocal Smoker Bundle // I love this because not only does this support local farmers but your guy gets a box of high-quality meat ready for the grill or smoker. Hopefully, he'll then share ;) 

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