Saturday, September 19, 2009

And the winner is...

Only a little bit delayed.

So the CAB Conference has kept me a little busy, and I have been a little delayed in announcing the Show Text contest results.

And the winner is - Miss Jamie May! Thanks to all those who entered and look for some other contests in the future.

A quick update on the conference. Scottsdale has been great. The hotel is gorgeous, and the weather has been awesome. I have sat in on a lot of seminars that talk about the importance of quality and making a connection with the consumer - two ideas I strongly support. I also got to hear the previous CEO of Southwest, and Col. Tillman who was the Commander in Chief of Air Force One for President Bush speak. Col. Tillman told us what it was like flying President Bush around on September 11, it was pretty incredible to hear his story. I also had the opportunity to be apart of a Mexican rodeo last night - good times!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, and I will be back on a more regular posting schedule next week!

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