Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Recap - Part 1

Bleeding Purple

After a big day on Friday and Saturday morning with the Junior Board I headed to Manhattan for the big game. Good friends Gabel, cgood, Graber and tbaugh were all in town and it was time to do some cheering and catching up. Although this was our fourth game and second home game it really only felt like the first official tailgate for me. Tbaugh's parents have an awesome tailgate, but they missed out on the first game. They certainly made up for it this time! Tbaugh's mom makes this awesome dip, I frequently claim it's the only reason I am friends with her ;). Gabel was in town on some work commitments which meant we had access to the Elanco tickets! Love it when my friends have the connection.

End Zone, third row up.

The game was awesome! We didn't play a real competitive team, but we still looked really good.

Only in Kansas can you find a shirt like this!

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