Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Connecting with each other

I am going to backtrack here for a minute.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge believer in utilizing social media - facebook, YouTube, blogging, texting, Twitter (although I haven't set up my own account yet), for both business and personal purposes. On the business side, you can generate buzz, educate your clients and generate new customers. On the personal side, friends and families can stay in touch no matter where in the world you live. Lots of times I know who had a baby, who got engaged, who had champion heifer before my mom can even pick up the phone and tell me, because I have seen it via Internet.

But is this really a good thing?

What happened to the days that you had to make a point to stop, pick up the phone and give someone a call? Have we decided that posting on a blog or updating our Facebook status is a good enough way to stay in touch with our friends? This might show my age a little, but how often do you see a group of kids hanging out together, and no one is talking, they are all texting - maybe each other, maybe having a completely different conversation with another person. Now, I am guiltily - I'll send a text, especially if I just need a quick answer, or just want to send a little "I am thinking of you" to brighten someone's day. However, it is the sound of a voice I prefer to hear. It really is the only way I can pick up on the tone of excitement, stress or worry in someone's voice. In life's crazy, busy world maybe sometimes we just need to make time, no excuses, because you never no when life will change.

I am curious to hear your opinions on this. Post below, or you can even call me ;)

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  1. I agree - I think that it's completely insincere to catch up with someone via a facebook message instead of a personal phone call or visit. And texting while spending time with others is just plain rude.


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