Monday, January 9, 2012

A conversation about cattle with a cab driver

All the cowboys are coming to town. 

This week I'll be in Denver for that National Western Stock Show. The company I work for sponsors several of the cattle events, and the Boy's family will be showing their Hereford cattle. Throughout the week I will get in numerous cabs, and people will have several conversations about cattle and the beef industry. Today's conversation.

Cabbie: You here for the bucking bulls.

Me: Nope my family will be showing cattle here.

Cabbie: You ride bulls.

Me: Nope, we show these cattle in a showring.

Cabbie: Ah, and where do you come from.

Me: My fiancé's family brought 25 head of cattle up from Oklahoma, but people from all over the U.S. will be showing cattle.

Cabbie: Do you bring their food too.

Me: Yes, that came in a separate stock trailer. We bring grain and hay for the to eat.

Cabbie: How much does a bull weigh?

Me: Well taking a guess the big bull they have here might weigh 1,800 lbs.

Cabbie: How much do they sell for?

Me: Well they can sell for anywhere between $3,000 and a $100,000. (This is when you clutch the door real tight, and hope that they don't swerve off the road from shock).

Cabbie: (In shock) Per pound! For meat?!

Me: No our cattle here are for breeding purposes, we won't eat them. However, they do have really good meat producing genetics and the progeny from the bulls may go into the food chain.

Cabbie: Ah I see. Maybe I should get some cows.

It happens every time. But I love it. Nothing better than learning what the consumers think about agriculture in a cab ride down to the Stock Show grounds.

This is a video that I put together last year at the Stock Show. It'll be you a better idea of what will go on this week.

<iframe width="420" height="243" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


  1. Good luck at the show!

  2. Hope you all do well at the show. I must say that one of my favorite things is talking to people about agriculture that otherwise would have no idea. It’s nice for them to have their eyes opened every now and then.

  3. To funny! Its surprising how much people don't know about cattle even stuff that you think is just common knowledge. Enjoy your time showing cattle and explaining to cab drivers! :o)

  4. Haha! I love when the town is full of cowboys for an event like this. The town's vibe changes and they cater to ag... so nice! Have fun and good luck!

  5. These are the best conversations! It always amazing me people know so little about agriculture! Have fun! We will be checking out the Ft. Worth stock show this weekend!


  6. That is great. :) Good luck with the show! We're not heading out there this year...which makes me a little sad. Great memories there!

  7. Hi Crystal
    I've given you an award...check out my blog!

  8. Love the reactions!!! Hope you had a good time at the shows. I am Jealous!

  9. Crystal, thank you for being the voice of agriculture where ever you get the chance. I am currently taking a class about communicating agriculture ethics. In one of the books for class we are talking about how women and men's views are different wtih it comes to ethical decision making. I think in this situtation you were a woman telling a guy your side of the story and I think he responded well, and will have a new outlook on cattle AND the stock show. Thanks for the share.


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