Saturday, January 21, 2012

Farm Kids go Vegan

Vegan Bloggers

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I recently ran across Carrie Issacson and David Jones quest to try the vegan path. From January 15-21 they are swearing off animal products. Two farm kids just wanting to experience the other side of the fence.

AgWeb is where I first saw their Vegan Adventure story, but both Carrie and David are blogging on their own blogs as well. From failed cooking attempts to trying to pick Vegan friendly items off a restaurant menu it is pretty entertaining. Out of all the posts though David's Where I come from... is my favorite because of this quote.

I grew up in a household with fresh, great tasting meat, milk and eggs and I saw first-hand how these products were brought to the table. The idea that someone could hate me because I’m a farmer, or because of my nutritional choices seemed so foreign to me. I don’t think I even knew vegetarians or vegans existed until I was a teenager. I am so happy we live in a country where we are free to speak freely and eat the kind of diet we most desire. I do my best to be respectful of everyone’s choices and lifestyles, and all I ask in return is the same.

It is pretty cool to see the comments from people that have come in - both carnivores and vegans. Did you know that Oreos are a vegan product. Learn something new everyday.

Check them out, and give them a little encouragement too! Maybe today they'll want to cook up my Flat Iron and Green Pepper recipe!


  1. If these kids are growing up on a small family farm, they are part of a tiny minority now. The sad thing is how factory farms have taken over, turning feeling animals into 'products' and devastating the environment. The horrible circumstances of that is what Americans are objecting to and rejecting!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing our story! We've got just a little over ten hours left in the game, and let me tell ya, that flat iron recipe is looking delicious!

  3. Andrea, my family has been involved in farming for generations and I have friends across the country that are involved in farming, and I do not see these factory farms you speak of. David one of the kids trying out veganism for this experiment is from a large dairy, however it is not a factory farm. Large farms are still family farms. If you have the chance to visit a large dairy, cow calf farm or feedlot I would take the opportunity so you can see first hand how famers and ranchers care for their cattle and land.

  4. Bless their soul—I don’t know if I could do this for a week! However, I feel like it would give everyone greater understanding if they walked in others shoes.

  5. It's too bad Oreo's suck without milk!

  6. This would definitely be challenging for me! Good luck to them. Thanks for sharing this.


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