Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thursday: Quincy Freeman Cowboy Boots


Hello friends. Don't you love when you find something that makes you smile? Turquoise always makes me smile, and cowboy boots are right on up there. Yesterday, I came across an amazing designer Quincy Freeman. She is only 20 and has amazing talent. No I haven't met her, but pictures speak louder than words. Keep her boots out for yourself.

Like these bad boys. 

My friend Celeste (check her fashion blog posts) owns these boots and posted a picture on Facebook yesterday. They are part of the Quincy Ariat Boot line up, and I think they are awesome. I've never owned a pair of Ariats, but everyone says they are super comfortable. 

I love the detailing on the toe. 

I think these Quincy Cowboy Boots say I want to go dancing! 

I have been looking for a pair of brown cowboy boots. Hmmm. 

p.s. Did I mention it is my Birthday today! If the Crystal Cattle readers want to pool all their funds together for a little gift let me know.

I can wait for this new year to start. I am turning 27 - my lucky number. I leave for Vegas with my sister on Friday. I marry my best friend in just over two weeks! And then it is off to Hawaii for a honeymoon. I have to say I am a pretty lucky girl!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday pretty lady! I hope you have an extra special day. Ps—email me your mailing address. I have something that is perfect for you!

  2. Well happy birthday! I must say, those boots are making me want new ones! Amazing!
    Have a great weekend celebrating you!

  3. Happy Birthday to one of the best daughters anyone could have. Dad and I wish you everything you dream of in the year a head as you begin your 27th year and also become Jon's wife.

  4. Such fun boots! Love them! And Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday and have a safe trip!

  6. Those are so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! This is going to be a great year for you! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Crystal! Hope you have an AWESOME day!

  8. Happy birthday, Crystal! Those boots are amazing! I hope you have a fabulous trip to Vegas!

  9. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! It was an awesome day.

  10. Ooo Happy Belated, hope you are having a blast in Vegas! I love the Quincy boots, the new fall collection is awesome too, I can't wait for those to be released : )


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