Thursday, March 1, 2012

Turquoise Thursday: Wedding Registry

It's like Christmas

The Boy and I have just over a month until our wedding, and we couldn't be more excited. I don't think we have received so much mail in our life. Between RSVPS, packages arriving from Etsy (yes, I am a little addicted) and wedding gifts arriving we feel pretty popular.

Last week, when I arrived home from a travel trip to Georgia, I asked the Boy what the big box was sitting in our entryway. He replied, "Oh, I just thought it was something else you had order." Nope that big box was a gift from Bed, Bath and Beyond. We quickly tore into the box to find this.

This is what a very happy girl looks like.
We received an awesome KitchenAid mixer from the Hatmaker and Parke families! 

But the best part is that it is Turquoise! Well technically it is called Ice, but it makes me smile every time I look at it. 

I have already put it to use. Baking up two loaves of banana bread with a recipe out of a great aunts cookbook. 

Other turquoise-ish items that I am hoping will end up in our home. 

This Mixing Bowl set from Dillards. I love the big turquoise bowl.

And these turquoise placements from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Hope you all have a fantastic Turquoise Thursday!


  1. Love that mixer. I have a pink one and they are amazing.

  2. Love it the turquoise. It was on my wedding registry & we didn't get...which I am thankful for because we currently have about a foot of counter space & that is dedicated to our Keurig. :)

    Question of the day: How are you making instagram photos with 3 photos in them? I am so confused how everyone is doing it...including you!

  3. Your mixer is beautiful!! I am glad you have already got some use out of it. My mixer is my favorite item in the kitchen - it took me over a year to finally break down and buy it (when it was on super sale) but I am so glad I did - I love it!!

  4. Kitchen-Aid mixers are truly the best!! That colour is perfect - enjoy!

  5. I have been enjoying my "ivory" (only color it came in) Kitchen Aid for 24 years. To me this is the ultimate investment and I wrangle others to go in on it with me for any new couple.

    Many happy years!

  6. I love your kitchen aid! I have that mixing bowl set and it's great too!

  7. So happy that you got a Kitchen aid--You life has changed for the better! Great color selection as always!

  8. This post made me smile (even though I am enjoying it on Saturday and not my normal Thursday)!

    I remember those last months leading up to our wedding and the packages at the door was one of the best parts. You can probably expect to receive them for about six months after your wedding too =)

    I hope you have a wonderful, exciting and stress-free (hopefully!) final month as a single lady.

    Kristi Stevens

  9. Oh how fun, you are going to love the mixer. I also checked out the blog links and what a great story about Holli & DP.

  10. Kristi - Tell seems to think I should bring it to Haskell the next time we come down.
    Home on the Range Exchange - it is alway great to have wonderful friends that you can call family.

  11. Mixing bowl set is one of the best item in your wedding registry

  12. What a GREAT surprise to come home too! Love that mixer!!


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