Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Corn Report: Have you heard of corn pop?

Yes corn pop, not pop corn. 

It's time for the second edition of Watching the Corn Report. Every other week I plan on posting picture of our cornfield.

The corn is growing like crazy as you can see below. We are lucky that the corn is growing so well because we definitely could use some moisture, and we are about to get some cold weather. The corn that was plated smaller might be a little chilly the next few nights. In this post though I also want to share with you a by-product of corn. Just keep reading and you'll learn about a little thing called Corn Pop.

This was the corn on May 15. I read the initial corn report click here

This is what the corn now looks like on May 30. Way bigger.

And this is what Corn Pop looks like. Actually, the technical name is Sweet Corn Soda.

Awhile back on a work trip though Oklahoma one of my coworkers and I stopped at a store called Pops. I am pretty sure they had every flavor of pop that you could ever imagine. I had to buy a bottle of the Corn Soda. Tonight was the big taste test, I plan on reviewing the five other flavors including bacon later in the week. 

The Boy, his parents and myself were the taste testers. Reactions were as follows:

The Boy: I'm not drinking this. 
The Mom: This tastes like the juice from can corn
The Dad: Like the water from boiled corn. 
Me: This is not good. 
The Boy: Ok so it wasn't as bad as bacon. 
Me: So maybe this wasn't a good idea
The Mom: I think I can taste butter


  1. LOL Somehow... it just makes a chocolate Zucchini Cake become so much more delicious - even more virtually tasty!

  2. So funny! I think my daughter would love it. When she was little (and still now!) she would ask at the end of the meal, "Does anyone else want any more of this corn?" If the answer was no, she would finish off the bowl of corn including the melted butter. She loves anything and everything CORN.


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