Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Corn Report: It is out of the ground!

Another season of watching the corn grow. 

I am excited to start blogging again about the corn. Especially, since the Boy and I have our own field. This is also a little scary because it costs a lot of money to buy all the seed, fertilizer, rent the equipment (we call these input costs). We definitely need to have a good crop to cover all these initial costs.

We are farming just over a 100 acres this year. There are 1.3 acres in a football field to give you some perspective. 
The corn was planted a few weeks ago, but it took a really long time for it to finally pop its little head out of the ground. Who would have ever thought I would be so excited when the Boy texted me last week that the corn hard arrived.

Each week I will take a photo of the corn to show how much it grows. And trust me it grows really fast. There is a little saying "knee high by Fourth of July," last year the corn exceeded these expectations. It has been fun to see the green tint appearing in all the Iowa fields.

p.s. check out my new running shoes! And please don't judge my white legs. This was literally the first day (other than the honeymoon) that I have been able to wear shorts. Plus, this Canadian girl doesn't tan very well. 

As the Boy like to say we are outstanding in our field ;) It has been a great year for planting corn. According to Monday's USDA-NASS weekly Crop Progress report 90% of the nation's corn has been planted. That well ahead of last year's schedule when only 56% of the corn was planted at this time last year.

Be sure to tune in each week for more pictures and corn facts. Also, if you want to go back and read last year's post check out the Watching Corn Grow tab. And if you have any questions that you would like answered through the summer you can find my email under the About tab. 


  1. Love your new running shoes! I do the same thing with my garden - get all excited when green sprouts up!

    1. Thank-you. I got them at Dick's Sporting Goods. They are super comfortable. I hope you garden grows well this year.

  2. It was great talking to you yesterday and thanks for the tips! I forgot to mention that we're launching a Ohio Beef Council blog May 22! You'll have to check it out (and maybe give a critique?)

  3. You two are so cute! I'll be by to see the growing corn. :)

  4. Wishing you the best with your crop this year!

  5. AnonymousMay 17, 2012

    I love all of these pictures, they are great!

  6. These posts are my favorite--excited to watch the corn grow! :)


  7. Here's hoping for a great crop! Can't wait to watch yours grow in Iowa. I may have some updates on ours here in Indiana! I bet all around it will be more than knee high before the 4th.



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