Monday, September 17, 2012

Cow sells for $25,000

I'm not joking.

This weekend the Boy and I made a trip over to Illinois for a couple Hereford cattle sales. It was a great weekend catching up with a lot of friends. The only not cool part - driving through Galena twice and still not getting to stop. Who wants to meet in Galena and drink wine? Pick me.

Back to the cows. These sales are special because they are put on by purebred cattle breeders. What are purebred cattle? Think of a purebred dog. They have a pedigree, registration paper and are typically worth more than mixed breeds.

For example the heifer that started the sale on Saturday brought $25,000! Below is the video of her selling.

$25,000 would make pretty expense steak, however this heifer (female cow) won't be eaten. She instead will be using for breeding and likely shown. Eventually, she may go onto raise a bull calf, that could then go on to sire (father) calves that end up in our freezer. Clear as mud?

So why are some purebred cattle worth more than others? It has to do with three things - genetics, phenotype (how they look) and marketing. In some parts of the country more emphasis is put on certain traits, and a lot has to do with personal preference. The Boy and I raise purebred cattle and definitely have an idea about which ones can make us money and which ones can't. Because no matter how much we love our cattle we they have to make us money because that is what pays the bills. (You can see some of the marketing that we do for our farm on our JJB Cattle Co. Facebook page.)

On a side note. It is hard for me to explain how much I love cattle. I was thinking about this as I was sitting watching the sale. Yeah I had on my new Ily Couture bracelet, designer jeans, J.Crew shirt, sound a little like you? But how many of you have ever had the thought running through your head "I love cattle so incredibly much I have no idea what I would do if I couldn't be around them or have them in my life." Weird? Maybe. But they are my passion, and I think about how much I love cows daily.

If you do have questions and things are still clear as mud comment below or email me. You can find my contact information on the About tab. Have a great Monday!


  1. You really do need to stop in Galena! Their downtown is filled with cute shops, great food (I recommend Durty Gurt's and One Eleven Main) and of course some awesome wine!

    I'd also suggest a trip out to Massbach Ridge Winery, they're actually in Elizabeth, but well worth the trip!

    1. I am going to keep all these places in mind. I take it you live close or visit often. It looks like such a cool town.

    2. I'm about 3.5 hours South, but I spent a weekend up there with some girlfriends not too long ago. Another girl I lived in the dorms with works at Massbach, which is why we headed out to try their wines.

  2. ""I love cattle so incredibly much I have no idea what I would do if I couldn't be around them or have them in my life." Weird? Maybe. But they are my passion, and I think about how much I love cows daily." This is me. Going to sit in the cow pasture is one of my favourite things to do. Destresses me. Make things ring in the world. A close second to being with my horse, but there's only one of him, and multiple cattle.

  3. Crystal,

    We met at the Star Lake sale this spring, I was/ am the fan that just had to say hi to you in the office. :) Needless to say my boyfriend is the herdsman for DeLHawk and your video is pretty cool and special! Thanks for posting it and for your support in attending! Hopefully see you at the next Hereford event!

    Sara Wall

    1. Sara, I remember you! Were you at the sale and I missed you? I hope you'll be at the Star Lake Dispersal.

  4. I'll be in Galena for the first time ever Oct 8-10. Highly unlikely you'll be there then, but just thought I'd share in case. :) Oh, and Love the bracelet!

  5. Haha. Doesn't sound like me at all. ;o)
    I can't imagine spending that much for a cow, but then I don't breed them special like you do.
    Glad you enjoyed yourself. Have a great week!


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