Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm talking about what comes from playing for a Midwest school

I am K-State Proud. 

Recently, a gentlemen known as the K-State Mask has entered the college football scene. And whether or not you have any desire to bleed K-State purple you've got to watch. He is moving (I literally get goosebumps), hilarious, motivating and ridiculous. Below is a quote from today's video as we get pumped up to play Miami this weekend.

I think I fell in love.

This quote goes on longer and get pretty funny after the heartfelt stuff in the K-State Mask video. You can watch it all hear. 

And this is the link to the K-State Mask's Missouri State Post Game Video. It is amazing. My Iowa 
loving husband even felt a little purple pride. 

Be sure to follow K-State Mask on Twitter

"We need to be loud, proud, and a helluva a crowd. Mark that down."
- K-State Mask


  1. This guy is great - way better than those stupid Mizzou guys who did a music video!

    The quote about "bless you little minion" is still far and away my favorite though. Thanks for the link!

  2. I'll always be a Mizzou girl but as long as you aren't rooting for KU, I guess I can deal ;)

  3. You are one of the 1,600 plus reasons I do what I do. I live to motivate everyone to be proud of where we live and what we stand for. We shall not be trampled on by anyone, or anything.
    Mask Out

  4. You beyond made my day! Thank you for inspiring us all. EMAW


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