Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What is the government talking about?

And is it important to you?

My good friend Chelsea recently this link about the words that both Republicans and Democrats used during each of their national conventions. I actually watched a good chunk of the Republican Convention and some of the Democrats. I will tell you that I quite enjoyed listening to the speakers that weren't part of the prime time slots. During the Republican Convention a lot of personal stories were shared about Romney from church members and people that worked for him or with. I have a whole new outlook on the man.

What words were used in the speeches at the national conventions.  

Obviously things like employment, health care, taxes and immigration (I'm actually working on my U.S. residency right now) are important to me. However, food and agriculture are also really important because 1. that is my livelihood, 2. I want safe and nutritious food sources and 3. it scares me that eventually government won't trust what farmers are doing and will regulate us out of business.

Using the Word They Used Comparison this is what I found. (Click on each of the pictures to enlarge).

Agriculture was spoken:

Well that doesn't look promising. Zero, zip zilch. 

Farm was spoken:

The Republics did a little better here. It was brought up twice. 

Food was spoken:

Thus, far the most popular term I searched. 3-2 for the Democrats.

Environment was spoken:

Only 1-2 for the Republicans. I thought this term would have been a lot more popular. 

So what does all this mean. I am not sure. But it is interesting. Here's to hoping that a candidate who really understands 98% of farms are family owned and we can't feed the U.S. and all those other countries that depend on us on from gardens.

Use the comparison link yourself and let me know what you found out. 


  1. Fascinating. We watched most of both conventions, too, and saw a vast difference in the subjects considered most important.

  2. Facinating stuff. In the UK, the conventions were almost ignored, except by people really interested in politics and policy. Wish there was something like this for our politicians!
    jim rogers farmland

    1. People are starting to get wore out on the elections here. The campaigning seems to go on and on. However, I think it is important to pay attention and try to be informed. Now we just need people to get out and cast their votes.


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