Thursday, October 11, 2012

Turquoise Thursday: Winter Gear

It's getting cold outside.

So I really couldn't complain because it probably won't be that cold outside it I just put on a proper coat, but I am not quite ready to give us my beautiful fall days. Yet below freezing night time temperatures might force me to make a change. The 70% change of rain on Saturday that is supposed to show up while we are watching Kansas State dominate Iowa State also is making me want to dig out our winter coats.

What better way to put yourself in a cold weather mood than some new turquoise winter clothing.

Has anyone been on the Northface site? They have all their new winter coats out and lots of turquoise winter coat options. 

This one is kinda cool too. To be honest I'll probably just stick with basic black (again) however I would love to layer a turquoise jacket like this underneath. 

I thought this minty green color was pretty, but I need something without a hood. When I can't detach hoods from coats it drives me crazy. They call this the Decagon Jacket. 

OK, I know this jacket isn't turquoise but I had to show it. I can't quite determine how warm is would be, but isn't this tunic jacket great. I prefer the black version but this heather white showed the details so much better. 

Are you ready for winter? 


  1. I'm definitely a layering person in winter when I have to go outside. Usually a fleece hoodie with a Carhart vest over top. I do love the color turquoise, but I'm afraid it would be brown by the time I got done with my morning chores. :)

  2. I love that tunic jacket! Great name for the color too : )


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