Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All dressed up: black, leopard and sparkle

Time to celebrate

This weekend the Boy and I were wedding goers. It was fun being at a wedding the day before our 6 month anniversary. Parts of our wedding day were such a blur, so it is always nice to sit back and reflect on the biggest day of our lives. May sound cliche, but so far it really has been.

What did I pull out of the closet for this occasion? Well it was so cold out you don't get to see the cute black strapless dress I had on, but don't worry my accessories will made up for it.

I am crazy about this leopard scarf I got at Top Shop last year, and I am glad that Fall is finally here and I can break it out. Here, and here and here are similar versions. My other outerwear staple is a long wool coat I got at Old Navy a few years ago. Be watching Old Navy brings back the best black wool/pea coats every year. Promise. 

Remember how I was crazy about ILY Couture jewelry. Well I finally got me some. This pave bracelet was awesome. Keep on eye on the Ily Couture Facebook page because they are always have Facebook offers (yes, they actually work). 

Has anyone been to J.C. Penny lately? Yeah, they have really stepped up there game. I got a beautiful red scarf there the other day and picked up these earring. They Boy even asked me where I got them from. Bonus points to him for noticing, and bonus points for me for finding awesome deals. These earrings aren't on their website however if you are looking for something similar, but not a deal check out these David Yurman earrings. I love David Yurman. Too bad money didn't grow on trees. 

What is going to be your fall or winter go to accessory? 


  1. You both look great! Happy 6 month anniversary. :)

    Fall accessory? Hmmm. It'll have to be something to wear in warm weather. We are soon on our way South then to the high seas until January. My Fall accessory will probably be something I can wear at Christmas in warm weather. :)

    1. High seas? Now that sounds interesting.


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