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Beauty: Nov/Dec Beauty Swap Link Up

Thank you to all the awesome ladies that participated in my first ever Beauty Swap and a special thanks for Jenny Dewey for helping me host it.

I know I had a blast watching all the tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook posts about the packages you were sending and receiving. By the looks of things we had some pretty generous ladies out there. I hope you are all enjoying your new products. 

My swapping partner was Sara Hewitt. Who knew that two random people could have so much in common. We are both farm girls who grew up with livestock, and are learning a lot more about crops. She is currently working on her master's at K-State so of course I had to send her a K-State Eat Beef license plate in addition to some beauty products! 

Now onto Sara's package for me. I love that Sara sent me a lot of products that I have been wanting to try but haven't gone out and bought for myself.

Nov/Dec Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap

My favorite products from Sara were: 1. Victoria Secret Pink Body Spray. Not only is the scent great, but Sara was right knowing I would love the name - Wild at Heart. 2. EOS lip balm - this is by favorite my new favorite lip balm. I love the scent and it actually has kept my lips from getting chapped all through days in the mountains this Christmas and a pre-New Years cold. 3. Covergirl Lipstain - Sara and I had talked about me being more of a lipstick gal, but I love this lip stain. It is just enough color for the days I am running around the farm or town, and I also have been wearing it as a base and laying my lipstick over top of it. 4. Finally, I love this purple eyeliner from Urban Decay. Purple is a great eye color for me to wear and it glides on super easily. The color is very rich and pigmented. 

You can learn more about each of the products by clicking on the individual photos above. 


  1. I do not have my own blog BUT I did participate in the Beauty Swap and was sooo excited to get my package in the mail!!! My partner was Kayla Jentz! She did AWESOME!! In my package was Bare Mineral eye shadow, a dark and a light.......perfect! There was some Aveda hand lotion and Co Bigelow lip cream which is perfect for this dry, cold weather. I LOVE the lip cream! There was also some clinique mascara, some bare minerals eye primer, some sexy hair leave in conditioner, sephora perfume, and a perfect for me dark shade of lipstick! I absolutely loved it all and can't wait until you do the next beauty swap!! I'm in! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this! It has been such a blast seeing these ladies make new friends AND we get beauty products out of the deal! Can't wait for you to do it again! It was such a wonderful idea!! You rock!

  3. And my awesome partner was Ashley Murty! She sent me a Too Faced set including Shadow Insurance eye primer, Primed & Poreless face primer, Better Than Sex mascara and Chocolate Soleil medium/deep matte bronzer. I haven't tried the bronzer yet (saving it for summer), but LOVED the primers. I've used primers before, but these are exceptional! The mascara is wonderful too - might have to buy the full size version once this trial size is gone... She also send me Bumble and bumble (Bb) Straight Blow Dry and Bb Thickening Hair Spray. Tried them both on my straight hair, and they are great - not too heavy, but definitely tame any waves my hair sometimes has!

  4. I loved doing this beauty swap!! It was great to connect with another Mom, aggie and beauty product lover like I am. I had a newborn during all this so it was so nice to get stuff in the mail and get to feel pretty for the day. I just loved the nail polish (Deborah Lippman in rocking robin ) and lipstick from MAC (twig) I am so behind on my blog ( but as soon as I get a free moment I plan on updating and sharing all my great beauty products from Katie Pinke!! I can't say enough on how much I loved getting to know her and sharing beauty tips. Thank you so much for putting this together and I can't wait to do it again.

    1. You are welcome, and congrats on your new addition! I know Deborah Lippman is a favorite of Katie's. I own a couple bottle and it lasts forever!

  5. A Beauty Swap! Heck yes, sign my up!
    After a Farm Bureau conference in which Katie Pinke spoke, I started reading her wonderful blog, The Pinke Post. This lead to my following Pinke Post on Facebook, as well as on Twitter. Back in November, Katie suggested taking part in a Beauty Swap Hosted by Crystal Cattle and I couldn't resist.
    My partner in this fun adventure was Celeste Harned, and as soon as I got her name and contact information, I sent her a hello! A mother of a young daughter, she owns her own business, Celeste Communications. She offers graphic design, photography, videography and communications consulting services to ag organizations, small businesses and individuals. Celeste also operates an Etsy shop selling wedding stationary and wall art designs. If that is not enough to keep someone busy, she also writes a blog.
    After a few emails back and forth, I was ready to go shopping and get Celeste a few of my favorites. With her box sent, I patiently waited to receive my Beauty Swap Box.
    I must say the wait was worth it!
    My box contained eyeshadows by Almay for green eyes, hair products by AG, hemp hand lotion, and a beauty blender. Being that it is winter time here in Virginia, the first thing I did was grab the Hemp lotion and slather it on my hands. With my hands in pure bliss, I continued with my beauty discovery.
    At the age of 45, I have gotten into a beauty routine that I don't wander from very often. So when I saw those green tone eyeshadows, I became a little nervous. Can I still wear that much color on my eyes? Well, my husbands reaction was the answer to that questions. He loved the look and it's safe to say I will be "coloring up" more often!
    I have used Bumble and Bumble hair products for years and really didn't see a reason to change. That was until I tried the AG products Celeste sent me. My hair dresser calls my hair curly, I call it unruly. I continuously fight to keep my fine hair smooth, and I have now fallen in love with AG smooth! Most products I have used weighed my hair down leaving it with no body, this product was different. My hair held a beautiful soft curl with no frizz. Best of all, it leaves my hair smelling amazing!
    Last but defiantly no least, I received a beauty blender. While at Sephora shopping for Celeste, I almost bought myself one. I was intrigued by this egg shaped sponge. So, excited to find one in my box, I couldn't wait to try it out. On Celeste's advice, I watched a "how to"video on using the beauty blender. Am glad I did. It was extremely helpful. I now use my beauty blender every day and bought both of my college attending daughters one. My husband's new joke is-only on a farm would a women use an egg to put her make up on with! In all seriousness, I recommend everyone use one.
    I have told everyone I know about the Beauty Swap and the new friends I have made through out this journey. My eldest daughter asked me, "Are you enjoying the beauty products or the friendships more?".
    I just smiled and thought to myself,"boy, she knows me so well!"
    Here's to being beautiful in 2014, inside and out, and sharing this blessed life with new friends!
    Thanks Crystal! - Vickie Gibson

    1. Vickie I am so glad that social media caused our paths to cross! Sounds like you and Celeste hit it off amazingly. Maybe you will have to get your daughters to participate in the swap!

  6. Great selections! I love lip stains to add color and not having to worry about it rubbing off. That eyeliner is awesome! I have it in many colors....Urban Decay obsessed. Thanks again for hosting this swap.

  7. This was sooooo much fun! I was matched up with Jenna Wegner, a swap newbie, that did it perfectly. I was really wanting some brands that we dont have easy access to in Washington. Jordana and Milani were the top of my list. She sent me perfect colors of blush and lipstick. Along with fullsize items, I received samples (which is funny because I also sent her samples along with the rest). I have incorporated the Jordana blush, Milani blush (as a highligher), the photoready bronzer, vanilla perfume sample, and the lippies into my daily routine.... I cant wait for the next one!

    (I am going to try to place links from my instagram unboxing here...fingers crossed!)

    1. Thanks so much for participating. It sounds like you were a great swapper.

  8. Crystal-- Thanks so much for organizing! I realy enjoyed participating in my first swap and getting to meet a new blogger. Stay warm as this artic blast hit us! We'll see you in Denver next week. Hopefully the weather will be a tid bit warmer:)

  9. My beauty swap partner was Jessie Thompson, a young rancher from Idaho. I had so much fun getting to know this girl -- she is truly beautiful inside and out! I sent her some of my beauty brand "go-tos" and I hope she loved them! Here are some of the things I received in my beauty swap box:

    Urban Decay eye primer -- I had never used a primer before, and I had no idea what I was missing! This stuff is awesome. It helps your eye shadow stay on all day and prevents creasing. Double beauty WIN!

    Sephora smoky cream eye liner -- Again, I'd never really been an eyeliner girl and when I told Jessie that, she insisted that I try this sephora line. It actually goes on with a liner brush which I'd never used before…so that took some practice, but now it is so easy to use and I'm loving it!

    Sephora lipsitck -- Jessie and I spent some time talking about what we wear on our lips and that we'd had trouble finding a good lip color/product. She sent me a Sephora lipstick in the color Sephora Rouge. It's a great color, and to top it off, she also sent a e.l.f. lip exfoliator that gets my lips super soft and pretty before I put the lipstick on!

    Crystal and Jennifer, props for coming up with an idea that has connected so many "ag girls" in such a fun, creative way! I can't wait for round 2!

    1. Jen so glad you linked up. I got some of the Urban Decay Primer too! It works great but I am thinking that I still like my MAC paint pots better. Glad you are going to sign up again!


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