Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Bedroom Compared to a Cow's Bedroom

The other week the Boy walked home and said, "Well there is some crack for you in the mail." Hun? When I looked a the mail pile I quickly saw two new Pottery Barn catalogs and a West Elm catalog. Ah, now I understand. It was going to be a fun night of reading.

Instantly I was drawn to the January 2014 Pottery Catalog and their new Indigo "color story." And instantly I wanted to redo our bedroom (even though I wouldn't say it is completely done to begin with!) That's the problem with Pottery Barn, each season they come out with amazing new bedding ideas. However, I am pretty excited about this Indigo look.

For links to all the decor click here

That same week I was also thinking about bedding for our cattle. In the winter the cattle also need new bedding. I am not sure they would get as excited about about Indigo bedding as I do, as their bedding comes in the form of old corn stalks, straw or shavings.

This is a video of some of my mom and dad's bulls, in Canada, enjoying their bedding and that fancy wooden windbreak aka their headboard. Their kitchen aka the feed bunk is also right next to their bedroom. 

How long have you had your bedding for or do you swap it out frequently? Or maybe you are like our cattle and keeping warm and comfortable is the only thing that really matters. 

p.s. If you have been waiting for my next Beauty Swap announcement be watching my blog this week as I will be sharing the details! 


  1. I'm pretty frugal....we only get new bedding if we need it. But I love our down comforter (every bed in our home has one) and they're definitely worth spending some extra $ for. I do love the indigo color though!

  2. Their bulls look great! Ah, the great white north...and no 'snow day' in this industry, as some say. :)

    We have had our bedspread for nine years now - since we got married. I'd love to get something new, but in some ways, it kind of falls to the bottom of the ladder because if I'm spending the moolah, I'd rather fork out the cash for something in the kitchen or living room.

    'Tis a pretty bed set!

  3. Great post Crystal! We have been married for six years and have changed our bedroom linens once. And the main reason we got a new set was because we went from a full mattress to a queen. (I'm a sucker for Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids too!)

  4. I have had the same quilt and sham set for about two years. It is the most gorgeous butter and turquoise paisley. I was planning my whole room decor around it. About a month ago, I noticed a big tear at the bottom that had gone through on both sides! I suspect my washer is the culprit. I don't think it can be repaired. I am searching for a similar quilt because I love it so!

  5. I just bought a bunch of stuff to redecorate a guest room, but I got it all at ikea. And, it's indigo/navy, too! :) So you might be able to get the same look for less.

  6. I have decorating fever right now... that catalog would've sent me over the edge!

  7. I LOVE this post - And I LOVE that bedroom. :)


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