Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Newest Selfie the Felfie

Ok, admit it... you've taken a selfie before. Or maybe you just really want to take one. We'll I am here to let you in on a little secret. It's called the felfie. Hun? Felfie = farmer selfie. Over in Europe the felfie has caught on. I have a feeling that it is about to catch on here too.

I maybe should have worn waterproof mascara! However, the calves were happy to see me in this cold weather. 
Helping the Boy with Harvest this Fall. 
The next time you are on Twitter or Instagram search #felfie, you might see my face or some of the other hard working farmers out there.

Rockin my Red Meat Mafia Shirt
p.s. If you haven't heard it is really cold across the Midwest right now. However, that doesn't mean that farmers haven't been out in this awful weather make sure that our animals are taken care of. On Saturday we spent most of the morning putting out extra bedding to keep our cattle warm. The Boy and I are expecting a couple more new baby calves in this weather so there have been lots of trip to the barn to make sure the expectant mothers are OK. If you would give a little extra thoughts to farmers and our livestock these next few days.


  1. You look cute! Hope you all are doing okay in this weather.

    1. Thanks Ang! I figured maybe a warm weather picture would put everyone in better spirits!

  2. Love the term felfie! It is freezing here today in Indiana. Day 1 of no school and already cancelled for tomorrow. Not sure about Wednesday yet. I haven't stepped foot outside and the dog won't go either. I've been thinking of all my farmer friends, including you, and praying you are safe! Stay warm when you can!

    1. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I don't know if we are toughening or the temperature rise is making a difference up but -30 felt balmy this afternoon compared to -45 this morning!

  3. #Felfie is a fun trend and a term European farmers first coined last year on social media. I wrote about that part of it on New Year's Day.

  4. Crystal,

    Would it be ok for me to use this post as a link and one of your #felfies in a blog post?



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