Sunday, April 27, 2014

Five Favorites Springtime Edition

As I put together my Five Favorite for Spring I feel like we haven't actually have that much Spring like weather. We've been receiving rain which we need, but the temperatures have remained cool. For Easter we took a quick trip to Fort Worth to see the Boy's sister and brother-in-law and the weather was awesome. Unfortunately, we weren't able to bring it back with us.

1. Kendra Scott Earrings - I have had my eyes on a pair of Kendra Scott earrings for awhile. With a little bit of left over birthday money I bought myself my first pair. Then the Boy surprised my with a bright pink pair for our 2nd anniversary! I went with the smaller Elle earrings and they are the perfect size. 

2. Black Maxi Dress - I actually bought this maxi dress on my trip to Oklahoma in preparing for our vacation to the Dominican in May, however it has quickly become a favorite. It was so easy to dress up with my new earrings for our anniversary and then I dress it down with a jean jacket on our trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo. 

3. MAC Patent Lip Polish - I love this new lipstick I received in our most recent Beauty Swap. I'll be blogging about all the items I receive soon, but I have to share this right away. They color is called Fearless and it is a lighter pink. I have a picture of me wearing it on my Crystal Cattle Instagram.

4. Rubber Boots - Good ole, plain ole, rubber boots! It has been muddy and wet around here and my trusty rubber boots have came in handy. Mine are actually dark green, and not fashionable, but completely practical. Rubber boots make checking on the new baby calves and feeding a lot easier. 

5. Mindy Kaling - Currently, I am ready "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling, and I love it. Definitely a humorous read, combined with a biography of Mindy's life. It's been the perfect audiobook for all my recent travels. 

I hope you have being enjoying spring! Perhaps there are a few new finds that have become your favorite. Also, if you were apart of the Beauty Swap don't forget to start working on your blog post. I'll be having the link up on May 2.


  1. I've been thinking about getting a pair of KS earrings, but wasn't sure if I could justify the cost....but now your post makes me want to take the plunge. :)

    1. Definitely do it! I have been wearing them a ton. I am glad that I went with the decision of getting the smaller version of this classic shape.

  2. So with your last favorite things post I went out and tried a pair of the Peyton jeans bc I too have a hard time finding jeans that fit well and I love them!!!! So comfortable!! Love these suggestions!


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