Monday, April 7, 2014

How I Met My Husband

Today, the Boy and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary. I couldn't ask for a better husband and best friend. It is amazing how quickly time has flown by. In the past two years we have survived many of the marriage "tests" - moving, buying a house and farm, working cattle together, starting renovations on a house, painting a bathroom! The best part is that I think we are passing with flying colors.

You can read all the details about our wedding here.

On our wedding program the Boy and I shared how we met. It's a fun story and I thought I would share it here today.

How we met - told by Crystal and Jon 

Crystal: Through cattle shows and my internship with the American Hereford Association I had known who Jon was, but our paths hadn’t crossed before. I actually thought he was a little arrogant. Later he proved me very wrong.

Jon: While watching the Hereford Bull Show in Denver at the National Western Stock Show, I had seen Crystal in the Angus ring shooting photos. Little did I know our paths would cross later that evening.

Crystal: Each year at Stock Show my friends, including Kristi Bishop, and I always get together Judging Team night at the Double Tree Hotel Bar. Kristi was also a very good friend of Jon’s and he decided to join in on the fun.

Jon: Before going to Denver my dad and I had talked about a new show I am Angus. He was very high on the show. I had never seen it, but I knew Crystal was involved with the show. As Crystal walked by our table that night I said, “Hey aren’t you the girl that works on I am Angus.” She responded yes, and I told her how great I thought it was even though she had no idea I had never seen the show.

Crystal: That is when Jon used his first pick up line ever and said, “Do you want to make I am Baldy?” I told him why don’t you have Craig Huffines (CEO of the Hereford Association) give me a call.

Jon: We continued talking that night and I bought many rounds of drinks for Crystal and her friends, and perhaps surrounding tables. Fun was had by all.

Crystal: Jon definitely peaked my interest that night. We spent sometime talking about Calf Fry, a country music concert that I traveled to Stillwater each year for, to hang out with Kristi. Jon had also been to it in the past and I told him I would make my famous Oklahoma shaped French Toast if he joined Kristi and I again this year. However, we went our separate ways without any phone numbers exchanged.

Fast forward a few weeks.

Crystal: I had been thinking about Jon a little more, and decided that I should do some background checks on him. I had a supper with Chris Stephens, past National Junior Hereford Director of Activities, in Manhattan a few weeks later and decided to ask him about Jon. I also sent emails to Jon and I’s mutual friends Kristi and Catie Sims. Their reaction was all very much the same to begin with – a little surprised. However, they all told me he was a great guy, with an awesome family, lots of fun and the more they thought about it the more they liked the idea.

Jon: Crystal was in Des Moines, Iowa, for a weekend with her girlfriends and had sent me a facebook message telling me I should meet up with the girls and her that night. I was in the race shop with Troy and Travis and was exchanging messages back and forth via Facebook with Crystal. They asked who I was talking to and I pulled up a picture of Crystal and said this is my future wife. I wasn’t able to make it to Des Moines that weekend though because of working on the race car and calves had to be clipped for Iowa Beef Expo, but I promised I would to go to Calf Fry in April.

Fast forward to April

Crystal: I was excited to be making my second trip to Calf Fry. Dana May was road tripping with me, and Kristi had offered her place to us again. I knew Jon would be also coming and Dana and I had talked a lot about my excitement of seeing him again.

Jon: Crystal and I had a great time at the concert. That night when we got back to Kristi’s house Crystal was giving me hell for having Herefords, so I showed her our latest sale catalog. After a while she agreed they weren’t terrible.

Crystal: And Jon got a kiss out of it.

Jon: Kristi yelled at me the next morning and said, “You better not screw this weekend up and make the house awkward for everyone.” I said, “This is a trailer, not a house.”

Crystal: Despite Kristi’s initial concerns the weekend went great, and when we went our separate ways I told Jon he could get my number from Kristi if he wanted it.

Jon: As Kristi drove me to the airport she said she could get Crystal’s number off her phone, I had informed her I had already done so that morning.

Crystal: Jon wasted no time called me that night, and we made plans for him to stop in St. Joseph on his way back from the Star Lake Sale in a couple weeks.

Fast forward to after the sale

Crystal: We had talked on the phone every night between Calf Fry and the sale, so I was very excited to see Jon again. When he got to my house he asked me if I was his girlfriend, I said yes, which was a good thing since I found out later Jon had already told people at the sale I was.

Jon: A little over a year later I asked Crystal to be my wife. 


  1. Love this. Any relationship that begins at the Double Tree in Denver that night and is cemented at Calf Fry is destined to be a great one! :)

  2. How fun. You are such a darling couple. :)

  3. The Perfect Love Story! I gotta ask, who is the racer that your husband was helping? My husband also races around the that area.

    1. Travis Smock is who is used to help, but Travis isn't racing this year. Do you ever race in Independence?

    2. Yes! My husband used to quite a bit, not so much anymore, mostly Webster City, West Liberty and Marshalltown anymore. What a small world :)


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