Friday, April 4, 2014

Four Photos: A Week Of Instagram

My life through Instagram and p.s. I am really excited that it is Friday!

As I mentioned in my Five Things I am Loving post I am so happy with my new handbag. It is the perfect combination of black and brown, and definitely a classic.

We are still calving and had three babies this week. This little guys was born backwards so we had to pull him. Baby calves should come front feet and head first. If they come butt first it is usually really hard for their mommas to have them on their own. We intervene and this little bull (boy) calf is doing great.

Have you tried Lush Bath Bombs? The Boy got a bunch of them for me for my birthday and they are awesome. Our bathroom smelt like roses for three days I think, and my skin felt amazing. The only question I have for those that have used them is how do you get all the potpourri stuff out of your tub afterwards?

We finally have kitchen chairs. My parents bought us this Pottery Barn table for our wedding, but we couldn't get the table until we moved into our new home as the little house was just that too little. Nine months after we got the table we finally bought the matching chairs!


  1. I adore that little calf, his 'eye liner' is so cute! The flowers on your dining table (which is also great!) are stunning! Love the color. :)

    1. Thank you! The flowers were a birthday surprise from two of my best girlfriends.


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