Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Squad Life: How to move from corporate career to owning your own business with Nichole Rohrich

How does one go from dream corporate career, to side gig to owning your own business? Nichole Rohrich, boy mom of soon to be FOUR figured it all out and even was able to get Rachel Hollis to wear one of her Minted Olive shirts. A graphic designer by trade, Nichole felt she reached the peak in her corporate career fairly early. As she was looking for more she thought a side gig might help her continue to explore her creative side. She joined Keep Collective, the same social selling business that I am a part of, for the the discounted jewelry, however she quickly fell in love, worked her butt off and found success hitting #3 in sales company wide in 2017. KEEP grew Nichole's confidence, network and business skills, giving her the courage to start The Minted Olive in the fall of 2017 with her husband David. Today, along with her family The Minted Olive is her sole focus.

The Minted Olive is all about living your best, most comfy life. And I can attest that Nichole's T-shirts and sweatshirts are some of the coziest ones in my closet. Nichole designs each shirt to reflect joy, gratitude or the chaos that life hands us.

If you are sitting there wanting more yourself, or a little inspiration on how to handle life, kids and your passions this is the episode for you.

Nichole's Recommendations:
Beauty Products: Tarte Shape Tape and Ever Daylight Treatment Corrector
Instagram: @the.minted.olive and @nichole.rohrich
Minted Olive Discount Code: SQUAD 10
Nichole's Squad: @limelifewithnikki

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