Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Squad Life: How to Start a Blog and Stay Consistent with Raquel Lynn

I have been connected with Raquel Lynn through our blogs for almost a decade. That is an eternity in the blogging world. I did a bunch of searching to see if I could get an accurate stat to no avail but I will say I have seen a lot of blogs start and stop in their first few months and even fewer get past that one year mark. That isn't to say it isn't possible. However, to be successful you need a plan.

Raquel Lynn started the Horses and Heels blog in 2009 and today the lifestyle brand can be found on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Growing a blog to the level that has doesn't happen overnight. However, by being consistent, forming a relationship with her readers and focusing on her email list she has been able to turn her little blog into a successful business. Raquel shares her actionable steps on how you can start your blog and then keep it running from the long haul.

Raquel's Recommendations:
Beauty Products: High Meadow Skin Cream and Kiehl's Reviving Concentrate
Instagram: HorsesandHeels_

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