Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dominating Stillwater

Almost too much fun for one weekend... (FYI Its going to be a long one)

So the big day arrive and CGood and I made the roadtrip down to Stillwater, OK for Calf Fry. With rain in the forecast for the weekend we had been doing our sunshine dance all the way down. Five and a half hours later we arrived at Bishop's house ready to have some fun. The first night we traveled out the Tumbleweed (location of Calf Fry) by a limo. It was actually my first time riding in a limousine before and I am ready for a repeat experience. You stick ten girls and a bunch a cameras in a limo and you'll feel like a movie star! 

The crew and our limo!

Sure enough when we arrived out at the Weed the sky was dry, but the ground was mud. And not that slimy, sloppy mud the I am stuck in the mud and can't get out. Within 45 minutes of being there three of us girls had already broken a flip flop! We rationalized and decided a broken flipflop was not going to do us any good, so we left the poor soles behind (no pun intended!) Actually, then we decided that one flip flop wasn't going to do us any good either so the the second got left behind too! (hmm I wonder consuming what substance in large amounts would lead us to that decision.) Miranda Lambert was great, at least it wasn't raining, and no one got left behind, I would say it was a successful night one. (I am maybe leaving out some details here, but I think those would be more suitable for a one on one conversation so call me!)

The lone flip flop.

Day Two - Bright and early (well actually I think I was the only one up bright and early), we headed to Mom's, a little home town restaurant. I had awesome spaghetti with homemade meat sauce while the others chomped down on breakfast plates. The rest of the afternoon was spend "resting" and watching Lifetime movies until we were already to do it again. That night the rain set in so we decided heading to the bars might be a better alternative. After some awesome Mexican food and margaritas, served by a man that I was having trouble communicating with we headed to the Penny. Now a quick little story - the first time I went to the Penny I was crowned Miss White Trash Queen of American and I have the crown to prove it. I got to see a lot of old friends and make some new, and by the time we got back to Bishop's house we weren't ready for the party to end. I tend to like to cook after a late night of dancing and socializing so Abby and I pulled out the skillet and started making French Toast. Bishop even had an Oklahoma cookie cutter to make fun little states. That night turned into the next morning as Abby, the boys and I sat around reminiscing about livestock judging teams, showing cattle, watching YouTube videos and Foster playing us a selection of his favorite music.

Day three came and it was back to Mom's again to fuel the body. That afternoon we had the bright idea to pull all the air mattresses into the living room so we could visit, nap, and pick out of favorite derby hats and horses. We decided to head to Eskimo Joes's (a landmark in Stillwater) for supper and to watch the big race.  No one picked Mine the Bird to win, I was rooting for Pioneer of the Nile. After a huge plate of cheese and bacon fries it was time for the night to begin. Lot of people from K-State were in town, which gave me the chance to meet up with lots of old friends. We decided that it was time to explore a little more than just the Penny, so with our faithful tour guide and official photographer Tyler Grissom we started on our bar crawl. It seemed like we made friends where ever we went including two bands, a bachelorette party and a karaoke bar. I also discovered the best drink I have ever had a Jack and Coke slush! Needless to say us Wildcats dominated Stillwater. 

A little Sweet Caroline karaoke!

A special request to the Wildcats!

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  1. How could you not pick the Canadian horse to win the derby!! I am starting to question your true colours. (please note the Canadian spelling!!)


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