Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Headed to the strip

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

So I'm pretty excited. This weekend I am head to Las Vegas for my very first time. My sister, her roommate Brett, and Quinn a good friend are all flying down and meeting me there. After visiting me in Kansas/Missouri three times my sister said she would continue to come and see me, but it would have to be on somewhere else in the U.S. - Vegas was her first choice.

While there we'll be staying at the Flamingo. Staying on the strip was important to us, but the hotel didn't need to be elaborate. I plan on being out and about or laying by the pool, not hanging out in a hotel room! We plan on doing a lot of shopping, and have booked tickets to Cirque de Soleil's "O." I can't wait! Below is a video of what we can expect. I'll have more updates for you later. In the meantime to those of you that have been to Vegas we're looking for suggestions!


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  1. Countdown is on!! SO excited for the 4 of you!! Have a blast Crystal!


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