Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wayne Newton, Neil McCoy, Cattle and Memorial Day Weekend

You never know what is going to happen...

So part of the reason I love my job so much it because I never know who I will meet or what I will see. After being home form Vegas for less than eight hours I turned around and headed to Oklahoma with my boss for some shoots. 

Our first stop was the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Museum. If you have never been I would definitely encourage you to go. We were really lucky, that their CEO is a good friend of my boss's and therefore we got a behind the scenes tour of the Prix de West. This is an annual event where over 300 pieces are available for sale. I already have my eye on some new artists so one day when I have my dream home I can fill it with artwork! Also, good friend Miss EX stopped by as well for a quick visit. She has the most positive and uplifting view on life. Definitely someone I look up to.

Ok on with the trip. Next stop was Hobart, Oklahoma. Power Plus/Duff's have been clients of our for almost six months and have awesome cattle. They also have an all natural beef line between their genetics and Premium Beef Feedlot. I was really excited to get out and start shooting pictures again!

After two days of video and photography work, we decided to take in the Memorial Day celebrations in town. General Tommy Franks lead the entire military attack in Afghanistan right after 9/11, and is a pretty amazing man. He now lives in Hobart and has opened his museum there. The whole day was dedicated to him, those currently serving and veterans. There was a parade, 300 freedom riders and a concert that night. Sometimes  I think people think American come off as arrogant. I just think they are being read wrong, I believe they are just so proud of their country, that they would do anything to protect it and defend it. Franks said something during his speech that really made me think. He said his mother always taught him there are three F's that should be your priorities - your faith, your family and your flag. Something to consider. 

He looked right at me, but read on it gets better!

Later, that night there was a good ole hometown concert on the football field. And NEIL McCOY AND WAYNE NEWTON were there! Who would think I would ever being seeing those two in concert, never mind in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. They were both awesome. I forgot how much I love Neil McCoy's music and will definitely be adding some of this songs to my iPod. Wayne Newton was great too. He can play the fiddle awesome, has a wonderful voice and looks like he is preserved in time. The best part though, was when I walked around the back of the stage to take some more pictures, and shortly after Wayne walked off the stage. All of a sudden a random guys says you want to meet him, and there I was introducing myself to Wayne Newton. He gave me a hug, kiss me on the cheek and said I was a doll! I have a picture, but it is on my phone and haven't quite figured out how to get it off. I was shaking I was so excited! I guess Franks asked Newton and McCoy to be there because they have gone overseas a number of times to play for the troops. Crazy times!

Oh and one more thing. Neil McCoy played a song called the Last of a Dying Breed. The song made me think about a lot of people, especially me grandpas. I bet it will remind you of someone as well. 


  1. SOS to Crystal's girls. She needs a man if she is getting this excited over a kiss from Wayne Newton. She even had to call her mom after it happened.

  2. I love Neil McCoy, his song "They're playing our song on the radio" is SO GOOD!

  3. Wow-what a crazy, awesome time! :)

    Love your photos..


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