Thursday, May 21, 2009

So we walked 16.3 miles - Vegas Part One

Four Canadian girls enjoying the bright lights!
So I have been temporarily away from my blog because I got to take a wonderful vacation to Vegas! This was actually my first vacation ever that didn't include cows. Sad, but true. We'll start with Day One...

The trip all started with my sister telling me that she would continue to come to the U.S. to visit me once a year, but she wasn't coming to Kansas/Missouri anymore. It had to be somewhere a little more exciting. Her and good friends, Quinn and Brett started scheming and decided Vegas would be a great place. None of us had ever been and the girls all had celebrated birthdays in April or May. 

I arrive in Vegas early Saturday morning, and had sometime to kill before the girls arrived. I dropped my bags off at the Flamingo and headed on my own tour of the strip. Hunger quickly set in, and I decided a search for food would be good. Low and behold a McDonalds stood their in front of me. I don't know why I was so surprised to find a McDonalds in Vegas, but there it was, and yes a sausage biscuit was my first meal in McDonalds. 

When the girls arrived we decided hitting the outlet malls would be a fine idea. We definitely supported the American economy that day. One little problem occurred though. If you take a bus somewhere, you should check the bus route for return times and bus stops. Yes, we stood in the blazing sun, and I mean blazing 100+ degrees waiting on a bus that we had no idea if it was coming or not. Finally, we limped (yes we also did a lot of limping from all the walking we did) to a cab and arrived home! 

After much needed pizza and a few mixed drinks (I say I make a pretty good peach Malibu, Sierra Mist and OJ) we got ready for a night of dancing. Now another little thing we learned. If it looks like three blocks on the map it is probably closer to a couple miles or more. Our trek from the Flamingo to the Palms took us pass what smelled like a sewage plant, over a freeway, around a bridge thing, all in high heels, and that only got us to the Rio. We decided a three minute cab ride from the Rio to the Palms would be worth the rest to our feet. 

Long story short, we met a nice doorman at the Palms who then was able to get us on VIP list the rest of the week. Lesson learned, always smile and  be nice to others. You never know what they can do for you. We literally walked to the front of the line and paid no cover all week. Which was great, cause that made up for the $10 drinks! We danced the night away at Palms, a nightclub that played techno music. About have way through the night, these three girls got up on these rings above the dance floor and did acrobatics from them. It was amazing! By the end of the night we were laughing so hard as Quinn looked like an old lady trying to walk to the cab line. I think two out of the three of us had blisters. And by the end of the week we are pretty sure the number climbed to 20+. Good times despite 16.2 miles.

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  1. Oh wow! Leave it to 4 cowgirls to attempt the walk, in HEELS, from the Flamingo to the Palms - a very long hike! Did you get beads at the Rio?


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