Monday, June 15, 2009

DC By Car

A tour in 45 minutes...

As I mentioned I was able to travel to Virginia a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty excited about the fact that I was going to have a chance to be that close to DC since I have been wanting to visit there for awhile now. I probably should have added it to my 101 in 1001. 

Anyways, I have a great boss, who let us make a quick detour on our way to Baltimore so I could see the capitol. We got there right as the sun was setting and drove through the city in about 45 minutes. Long enough for me to realize that I want to go back for a much longer trip even more! So this is what DC in 45 minutes looks like!

Right as the sun was going down. 

Standing in the middle of the mall.

The back of the White House. We only drove past the front.

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  1. Great pictures for only being there 45 minutes! I have only spent an afternoon in DC and can not wait to return. I hope all is well!


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