Friday, June 19, 2009

This is what happens when College of Ag friends get married!

John and Marissa are hitched!

The first weekend of July I attend my third wedding of the summer. I was actually double booked that weekend, but wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to attend a K-State wedding. There is just something magical about a wedding in Manhattan, and its pretty much a guaranteed good time.

John and Marissa both attend Butler and then K-State on were on the Livestock Judging Teams. John was just a year younger than me, so we spent a semester together at Butler and K-State. John also spent a few days with my family in Alberta when we won the Denver Livestock Judging high individual trip. He was exposed to good ole Canadian hospitality and developed a love for rye. I remember when Marissa was starting to think about going to Butler, and helping our coach recruit her. She made a wise decision!

Leading up to the wedding there had been much talk. 1. Marissa is gorgeous (don't blush when you read this Marissa) and lots of bets were that she would be one of the most beautiful brides of the year. This was only escalated when their engagement pictures came out. Yup I was right - see picture below. 2. Marissa and John's friends like to have fun. Marissa later told me that she repeatedly warned the staff at the reception that her friends like to have a good time. And trust me we did. (Those pictures will remain hidden.)

Also, other reasons to get excited - our friend Tera was doing the cake. Now I have seen many of Tera's cakes and they are amazing! I would highly recommend her for your next birthday cake, graduation cake, etc. However, until the wedding I had actually never tasted any of Tera's cakes. Well let's say in the end it didn't matter what the cake looked liked because it tasted awesome - both the cake and frosting. 

Not a great picture, but it was delicious!

Other highlights of wedding. It was an amazing ceremony, in a beautiful church. I might have to become Catholic just to be married there. I caught the bouquet. Which I have become a little notorious for throwing an elbow or making a drive for. It really isn't the I want to get married part that I am into, more the I am very competitive person and don't want to lose. We also made a trip to Aggieville as the night ended and our friend Brady bought us roses. And finally all good nights end at Jimmy Johns, with their speedy fast subs and over-size pickles. 

No Manhattan wedding is complete without purple in the wedding palette!

Her dress was gorgeous!

Us and our roses!

The beset way to end a night in Aggieville!

So congrats John and Marissa. I'll have to make a trip to South Dakota sometime! 

p.s. Marley I'm sorry that I don't have a picture of you to include in my blog to make you feel famous!

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