Monday, June 8, 2009

The Pink Guitar and Marcus - Vegas Part II

Definitely over due!

So I can't believe that it is getting close to a month since I was in Vegas. I am definitely itching to get back, I think my bank account will need to recover before that though! I would say I was a conservative spender out there but with $10 drinks, $18 lunches and shows to be seen it all adds up.

The next few days were spend by the pool, doing some shopping on the strip and seeing some shows. I figured the best way to describe it would be by pictures!

The Pink Guitar. This guitar is actually an 80 oz. drink holder! And was amazing. We were able to choose different flavors of slush until it was full. The rest of the day we spend walking around with our guitar and shopping. Such a refreshing way to spend the day. The last day of my trip we went back and got a second one. The girls are definitely planning on pulling them our for the World Angus Forum.

That night we saw Cirque du Soleil O show at the Bellagio. It was amazing, and certainly worth the pricey tickets. Would totally recommend it. The above picture is from the water show in front of the Bellagio. The fountains play ever 20 minutes I think in time with different songs. We stayed and watched two shows, we were enjoying them that much!

That night we went to Body English at the Hard Rock. It was awesome, the music changed ever two minutes, and a great combination of old school and new pop. We were extremely fortune it to be able to get front of the line again! Above is our town car driver. We were pretty sure he was apart of the Greek mafia if there is such a thing. Again we left the bar that night, due to serious blisters forming!

The next day was Brett's birthday, and the girls let me surprise them by picking Dick's Last Resort. If you ever get a chance to go to one of the restaurants take the opportunity! Just be sure you have tough skin. The whole idea is that the wait staff gets to act like jerks, and have a little fun with their guests. Being Canadian and in dresses only added fuel to the fire that night! The balloon person that they made us was awesome! After Dick's we were going to attend "Thunder Down Under" so the balloon maker thought a male stripper would be appropriate. We had no idea that waiter was behind us when we were taking the picture. Also, my hat they made me says something inappropriate that I will not repeat on here!

We then decided that Marcus would make a good 3D "Flat Stanley" and took many pictures of his trip to Vegas!

Before heading to Thunder Down Under we decided that it would be a good idea to sneak into the wedding chapel. Although, we never made it to the alter, we did pose for a few pictures!

Finally, we made our way to Thunder Down Under a male Australian "show!" As you can see the boys looked pretty good. Again highly recommend it for some good girl time. We thought Marcus would fit right in.

That night we headed to Jet for more dancing! And then ended the night with a some SLAM burgers at Denny's. just remember when you order a SLAM from Denny's you must smack the table as hard as you can while saying SLAM!

All in all it was a wonderful trip and can't wait to go back sometime!

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